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My reading favourites

Last month I decided to try and read more. I love reading, but I sometimes find that there are not enough hours in the day and of course, as things do, reading gets forgotten about. As we were on holiday the first few days of August , it seemed the perfect time to start.

I joined two local libraries. We are lucky enough to live on the border of two counties and two countries - how fab does that sound?! Anyway, I joined Shropshire Libraries and I popped across the border and joined Wrexham Libraries. And the added bonus of both; the have eBooks and audio-books that you can also borrow. This made my little heart sing!
Matt Haig is my author of the moment. When it comes to picking which books to read, I am very sporadic. If I fall in love with a series, I MUST read all the ones I possibly can. I love to discover new authors either through fab recommendations from friends or my fail-safe method is to have a scan down a list of titles and authors and see if any take my fancy, that is my o…
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September Goals

Being slightly different. I am not one to start my goals at the start of the month, that is far too predictable! Instead, I thought I would let September bed in a week or so, think about them and then give them a go. So I suppose this is more of an “autumn goal list” really.

This is my first goal. I have ‘messed’ about with it for a while and I do not even know why… Just one of those Nina things. But things got serious the other night, I ordered a running lead for Moo! There goes my excuse that Moo doesn’t like/can’t do road running. We tried it and she didn’t hate it. If I am being honest, I am not convinced she like it all that much, but she didn’t hate it and I am taking that as progress. So my goal, is to become more structured with my running and then (fingers crossed) I will become better and better. As I am bloody struggling at the moment, I am aiming for at least four time a week, remember I did say aiming! Let’s see how this goes..
I read A LOT of books in august.…

My current fitness routine

I thought as I am trying to get into a routine, I would share my ‘current’ fitness routine, as we all know I am a little fickle and prone to change! There is a small chance that this post is also to motivate me into sticking to what I am sharing with you all…. Just a small one, therefore let’s go with it.. Running
I have finally got back into running and I am bloody loving it. I started running properly last year and really got into a fab routine: I was running regularly and my distances were getting pretty darn good! Then ‘poof’ my motivation stopped and for some reason I stopped running. I tried but I just couldn’t get my routine back. I am pretty darn annoyed with myself to be honest.. *let’s look at the positives* I have started again and its fabulous. My distances are nowhere near as far as last year but they are nowhere near as bad as I imagined that they would be before I restarted. Plus, they is something soul restoring about running early morning before everyone is up and about…

All about me

Heyyyy there and thank you so much for stopping by my little blog. 

Hope that you are having a fabulous week?! If not – you really need to sort that, life is too short not to be fabulous and happy ❤️
So, here are just a few of the things that make me happy:
đź’–Friends, family and of course my favouritist đź’–Meg, Florence and Edith – my beautiful dog and totally crazy but utterly loveable guinea pigs đź’–Chocolate – I am talking Dairy Milk and Galaxy here, the melt in your mouth kind of chocolate that makes you forget all of your troubles đź’–Gin – Oh, where have you been all my life ❤️ đź’–Boxsets OF ANYTHING! Favourites have been Game of Thrones, 24, Homeland, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars (most of), The L Word, Downton Abbey, Greys, Line Of Duty, Nashville, Scandal, Orange Is The New Black….. as you can tell, I don’t have a type đź’–Reading! Again anything and everything. I *love* The Harry Potter series, John Grisham Nicholas Sparks, Jane Green, Jodi Picoult, running magazines, catching up on The…